Saturday, 11 December 2010

But I dinny like...


Our neighbour downstairs. He talks loudly outside the flat on his mobile constantly. He's consistently rude and mean to everyone he calls! I want to shout SHUT UP YOU incredibly HORRIBLE MAN!

Boys emo hairdos....they THINK they look hot, ok they may all be 17, but not being able to see, taking longer than most girls to do your hair and having to SWOOSH it out of your eyes ALL the time is just plain wrong. Please stop it, its just plain distracting.

Folk who have to find SOMETHING/ANYTHING to moan that I'm 'doing wrong' because they are either just jealous that I'm happier than them or they have nothing better to do with their bitter time. I'm sorry I'm a happy enthusiastic person. I can't help it. AND I can't please everyone all the time!

Having to hide my personality when I'm talking to people who are just waiting for a reason to put me down, because they are trying to feel more important than me. Inferiority complex much!

Dust and Fluff. I clean ALL everyday in work, but i still find giant dust bunnies under everything, god damn those fluffy vintage winter clothes!!!

Shoplifters - Stealing is just plain ignorant, and its why I have to be distrusting of everyone which makes me feel bad.

Banging my head on stuff all the time- In front of customers! oh and banging my UNFUNNY bone.

Customers who leave the door open behind them! Its bloody cold outside as you well know! and don't say hello- am I invisible??

That I've been into Boots for weeks in a row and they still don't have the Ruby and Millie red sheer lipstick I want in stock. GRRRR. On the upside the nice girl said she'd call me to let me know whats happening with it.

My feet are still cold even with 2 pairs of socks on.

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