Friday, 17 December 2010

SHOE orgasms...these really hit my G spot!

Found these bad boys in Nola Boutique in Brighton by SwedishHasbeens . WANT WANT WANT!!!!

 Jodpur £250
Now I'm not really a shoe freak, I don't have that many pairs (I own mainly doc martens) but every now and then I see certain styles that tick all the right boxes I have little tiny orgasms inside!
These did it for me...they got to me all hot and bothered, and the lovely ladies of Nola boutique didn't really help the situation by offering me xmas Pimms and telling me that it was 30% off that evening, ok I didn't purchase the boots as they still would of been out of my price range but now on hindsight I kinda wish I had, as now they are all I can think about.

However I stumbled upon this badass shoe site

I literally never get this exited about shoes and especially more than one style from a website but the designer Jeffrey Campbell has given me a whole new perspective on clog type heels! As the website states-
"As a small company manufacturing from Spain, Jeffrey Campbell shoes are known for fun fashions and high creativity in small quantities. That is, many styles of Jeffrey Campbell shoes are produced in quantities of less than 100 pairs. So with Jeffrey Campbell shoes, you're getting a shoe that's truly rare."

So now I want them MORE god damn it!

Here is what I'd buy if money was no object...

I like these too....

On the same note I don't normally like the shapes of Irregular Choice shoes but these are floating my proverbial shoe boat too...I think its the studs like on clogs, and the brogue style punctured leather. 

So what do you think about Clogs? Have you got some? Are they comfy? I'm thinking about investing!

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  1. Yeah, i had d kind of thing too... And now i'm doubting my buy;P


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