Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Corinne Day Diary

I bought this book when I was at Glasgow school of Art, in early 2000, and I sold it to raise money last xmas, but I miss it. I probably could of got more for it but it was a rush decision born out of being jobless, but surrounded my nice things, so hard times called for drastic measures. It was before blogs, and is a visual diary from the well known fashion photographer Corinne Day, who went on to do great things after this book. It still reminds me of life in art school, being poor and the hedonistic party scene. It kinda looks like a cool lifestyle, but GOD I don't MISS IT. I love having somewhere safe to live, and trust worthy (non-addicted) friends around me. Still it doesn't hurt to know what you don't need in your life anymore huh?

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