Thursday, 13 October 2011

Almost Done- Studded Headbands!

I like my hair like this! how BIG are the spikes eh?!
woops lotta cleavage!
I feel like a Gothic Statue of LIBERTY
TA DA!!!!!

First one made is a prototype, think I 'd like to keep at least one-maybe this one, but if not I'll be selling it on ETSY! woop woop! More to come, berets next!!!

Lots to list tomorrow on Etsy after a LONG long day of dressing up and taking pictures, I'm knackered but pleased, here's a few spoilers-
Customised Crushed Velvet Plum Dress
Handmade Sheepskin Collar, Customised Top and Velvet Skirt
Original Sin Tunic
Rolling Stones Spike Tongue Oversized Jumper
Parka with faux Sheepskin lining
Denim Skin-Tight Lip Service Dress
Customised Tartan Biker Jacket
POLKA dot shirt and bow
Handmade Sheepskin Collar
Red Velvet long line Waistcoat

Feedback? xxx

Oh and here's the competition to WIN a STUDDED HEADBAND! yes FREEEEE!!

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