Thursday, 21 July 2011

phases of the moon

Native American Indian inspired Outfit

my hair is just long enough for the pigtails!

black vintage suede tassle skirt

my favourite pic of the day
Vintage trekker hat

Another day....Tassled Waistcoat from (...don't tell anyone) Beyond Retro!
new peace sign necklace I got in a monestary in Santa Barbra
Dunno why I look like I've seen a ghost?!

creeepy eyes and gas station tee 'Survivors' lol
Another day....70's dress day
Leather and feather headband from Venice beach.

Opps you can see the till keys! Was trying to get my socks/sandals combo.

amazing 70's orange patterned dress with my trusty old wooden wedges from faith

70's vintage dress, 80's vintage leather waistcoat, rosarys from Venice beach and floppy hat from charity shop

Suspicious eyes...
yeah I like this hat with this outfit. It was another charity shop find!
I've been busy trying to organise my life, attempting to revamp my career (unsuccessfully) and basically trying to do an interesting outfit every day..but I haven't been posting them, naughty me! So sorry about the big bunch...I'm also aware that all my pictures resemble the old myspace arms length format, which I personally hate, but its only little me taking them and I don't know how to get my whole body in like every one else does without a tripod or someone helping me. Any suggestions? Oh and I have a super crappy camera! It makes me look BAD....or am I just getting old? oh yeah...i'm 30 next month eeeeeeeekkkkkk- beat that!

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  1. If you have a self timer setting on your camera I would use that for full body shots.
    Use any ledge possible for the camera to stand on and just play around with the shots.
    Having visited your shop before (if you're planning on taking full body ones in shop for example) then I would try placing the camera on top of your tshirt rails, on the edge and take your photo's in front of your till or in front of your stairs.
    (Hmmm... I sound a little stalkerish now... Sorry; I just have a really good memory of how places are laid out! :/)

    xo Amy


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