Sunday, 31 July 2011

I love it in your room at night (outfit & carboot)

As a stare 'glakit' into the distance I contemplate this fine brown bowler hat -it came from the charity shop next door, donated by the lady who set up the shop years ago. I feel proud wearing it, and boy did she have some cool hats.  I bought a bout 7 of them, 80's and 90's numbers...and one purple really old one which I gave to my friends for helping me with the car boot sale we did last week.

yes bare leggies, enjoy it because it rarely happens! I'm a little scared of my own bare flesh in public!

I bought this dress on ebay AGES ago, but haven't worn it,  but with a quick snippetty snip at the front I made it shorter and therefore bang on trend!

....many more outfit posts in the pipeline, I've not had the chance to put them up recently so there is a bit of a backlog.
peace out man

Ps. been listening to the best of the Bangles. can you tell?

few sundays ago I did a Carboot  in Polegate.

my rail

more stuff!!! 
my friends who also had a rail and helped me! thanks Fi and Paul! I LOVE THESE GUYS!xx

later on I had the chance to have a wee lie down...
the sky...perfect weather all day! and made £113! woop! Can't wait to do another one! x
Only spent 20p on earrings and a pound on a top too...welldone me! I kept reminding myself with the mantra "sell not spend" think it worked!

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  1. Only a little bit :P :]

    I like the brown bowler hat. V nice!

    xo Amy


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