Friday, 8 July 2011

100th post!!! Carven blows my mind!

CARVEN Preppy peter pan collar + Sexy leg splits combo = My favourite from their winter 2010 collection...why didn't anyone tell me about them before?

Fresh and Fun! Summer 2011

love the print!

if i ever get an office job....

love the giant flirty neckbow!

good shape- good print...WIN!!!

winter 2011

I want this so bad!

Paired with these round glasses-this could be my favourite dress of the season! AND its got pockets!

Love the pattern and half sleeve effect!

Red + Tartan = want!

subtle but sexy!
Well that all makes me very happy, I'm so glad I stumbled across Carven when I stumbled upon this post from Style Bubble... link YUMMY.

Personal news is that I'm currently in the depths of a career crisis and work related misery. Looked up what wages I should be on as a store manager and realised I'm massively underpaid, infact I think I than...well EVERYONE. Geezo. Time to demand more money me thinks, or I won't be able to get my shoe/bag/dress/blouse fix next month!

Anyone else feeling underpaid and underappreciated?

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  1. here is my facebook if u visit it..i cant decide whether to bother with it or not...


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