Saturday, 6 August 2011

I like to peak at your....Garter (Tights)

Garter tights my only not second hand item (bought from ebay £7)
hahaa check me out, 90's high pony tail or what!
Weird pose big tits (one of my nicknames in school actually how inventive!)White silk shirt £3, waistcoat 99cents.

Shimmery eyeshadow and retro necklaces!

Okay so I'm having another dress like the girls I admired in school in the 90's day but I don't give a fuck, I was a dork then, and had no money or choice in the clothes I had to wear so now I buy all the things I lusted after back then but couldn't have- hahaha!

 I love charity shop shopping at the moment too as there is quite a few 90's gems to be found so far I've bought-  ANOTHER velvet dress, plus another devore velvet dress, chiffon black tunic, amazing french silk blouse, white and blue striped pajama pants, and 80's chiffon blouse to list a few....all items I paid under a £5 for. Beat that the high street! hahaha!

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